Custom credit repurchase – precise answer.

Just fill out our little online form, we’ve simplified it as much as possible to make it quick and easy to fill out. Then receive your free quote for a 100% personalized study by an analyst (sent by email within an hour on weekdays).

The online simulation is completely free. Likewise, you can ask one of our advisers to call you back to help you make a simulation or to benefit from his expert advice. It won’t cost you anything.

As long as you have not accepted one of the loan buyback offers that we will offer you, you will have nothing to pay. In fact, you cannot be billed for the mere search for a credit buy-back solution.

Why do a simulation during a credit buyback request?

Why do a simulation during a credit buyback request?

When you want to restructure your debts in order to improve your financial situation, it is always recommended to make a simulation of the operation. This approach provides answers to questions like: how much lower monthly payment could I have? what is the interest rate applied? over which repayment period will the new loan be spread?

Is it a fixed rate or a variable rate? The buyback simulation provides precise answers to all these questions. Using this data, the borrower can decide whether or not to accept the refinancing offer. This allows him to prepare his budget based on the results of the simulation.

The other advantage of filling out our online form is that the redemption candidate does not need to go to a financial institution to do so. With the internet, he can do this anywhere. It just takes a few minutes. In addition, simulating the cost of refinancing is not a paying procedure.

Finally, the simulation makes it possible to choose between at least two possible solutions. The redemption candidate can either reduce the amount of monthly payments as much as possible or limit the duration of the repayment. In the first case, the results will show him a consequent drop in his debt ratio but a higher cost of credit while with the second option, the remainder of living is less comfortable but the cost of redemption is less substantial than the first case. This allows him to estimate whether to buy back all of his debts or just a part.

What is a tailor-made debt consolidation?

What is a tailor-made debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a financial transaction that allows you to consolidate loans outstanding from a buyout candidate into one. A tailor-made loan buy-back is therefore a financial package that is fully in line with the borrower’s profile and which meets his refinancing needs. It is also a redemption with a competitive interest rate and reimbursement conditions adapted to the subscriber’s expectations.

These details are important because this financial arrangement can be expensive. This happens when a person overwhelmed by his debts tries to find a buyout solution without going through a broker, when he does not have sufficient knowledge of this market. The banks then have the possibility of offering it a debt consolidation offer, but it has a high interest rate and an excessively long repayment period.

These two criteria condition the interest of a loan. In practice, the borrower’s repayment capacity must be in line with the fall in the new monthly payment, but this implies a spread over the life of the redemption. And if extending the duration of the loan reduces its difficulties, this procedure may increase the cost of credit. Hence the usefulness of finding the middle ground and of competing interest rates on the market.

What are the advantages of using a broker?

What are the advantages of using a broker?

This brokerage professional specializes in finding a tailor-made buyout contract, a real solution to his debt problem. Banks are often in partnership with these brokers because they help them improve the visibility of their offers while bringing them new customers. On the client side, using this intermediary in banking operations saves him time and money while maximizing his chances of being accepted for refinancing. Finally, as we have already said, the assistance of a broker pays only when the buyout offer is effectively signed.

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